F Your Game

Golf and F words go together. I know what you’re thinking — but if you learn and focus on the F words we use in Fighting Golf, you won’t have to say that other F word as much.

From here on out my blog will be dedicated to the F words in golf. And there are many when you start thinking about them: fairway, flex, focus, firmness, flexibility, focus, fierceness, friendly, fortitude, finesse, flop-shot – and, of course, the patented Flow with Force and Fly!™

I’m going to start with Focus.

FOCUS – the center of interest or activity (google definition)

When you’re thinking about improving your game, focus on cause and effect. Don’t fiddle just to fiddle. Get to the root cause of the problem and then work your problem backwards.

For most people their movement issues stem from their posture or grip so go back to the start if you are trying to generate a better movement.

Three areas of every practice session should involve a posture, grip, and balance check. To enhance your focus, get in front of a mirror. All great athletes are surrounded by mirrors. They obsess about form. If you watch yourself move, you will start teaching yourself – instinctively, you’ll know what looks right and what doesn’t

After that, let your practice follow your focus. Remember focus is center of interest. If you’ve been hitting balls for a while and you feel like going to hit some chips or putts, go do that. Some days you just don’t feel like hitting bunker shots. So many golfers think they have to have a strict regimented practice: I have to hit 200 balls, and chip for 30 minutes, and make 50 3-foot putts. Regimens like this sometimes feel like drudgery. Do what you want, when you want…if your practice stays focused and enjoyable, you will improve.

Here’s to your Focus! And swings that Flow with Force & Fly!