TESTIMONIALS like these are why I teach. It feels good to make people feel great!

Here are a few testimonials from students that speak to my teaching style, as well as touch my heart:

Your belief that my swing/game will continue to improve. There are days I want to just pack it in early and knowing you are in my corner helps keep the motivation going.


(a U.S. Marine who came to me in November of 2014 in the high 90s; in April 2016 he shot 73, then in May 2016 shot 72 and won his first tournament)

I've been scoring so much better and thereby having more fun. My swing is more dependable, and I look forward to my next swing instead of fearing it.


(came to me in August 2015 - shooting 100++, and has since shot a personal best round of 86)

I keep getting better!


(a Junior. came to me in Oct 2013 shooting 100++; he shot 76 for 18 holes in May 2015, and the following week broke par on 9 holes for the first time, plus won three small junior tournaments)

I remember your hugs the most. Golf is an intimidating and frustrating game in so many ways; your hugs are a gesture of reassurance that says, "Yes. I get it. I was there once ... and you can do it." Tiffany, you have this uncanny ability to not only see golf through the eyes of a 50-something-year-old ... but as the kind of learner who responds to visual and kinesthetic feedback, whether it be through choice of words, split-screen diagrams, or mirror drills. Your teaching is a gift! I only wish I had these lessons 20 years ago.


(a social golfer who loves golf and just wants to get better ... and has!)

I really appreciate the enthusiasm and passion that Tiffany had while teaching. She could inspire even the most casual golfer to go out and want to practice and impress her the next time. I continually worked harder and harder at my game because of Tiffany. I am becoming a bit of a teacher myself, running junior clinics and ladies' clinics ... I continually use her analogies and try to emulate her passion with each one of my students.


(came to me at age 14, shooting 100+; by the time he was 18 he had won his District High School tournament shooting 66)

I first met Tiffany at a Christmas party and explained to her how I had this baseball swing and could not get off the tee box without a bad shank. This resulted in slowing down the rest of my foursome, which had me struggling. I was continually being invited to play and was just too embarrassed to get out. She told me to come by and let's examine this swing and see what she could do for me. She asked me to swing and filmed my attempt at a drive from several different angles. Within minutes she transformed my swing into the straightest drive I've had in 15yrs. There's no way I will ever be a scratch golfer, but she has changed my 120 game into a career best 94. She has got me averaging in the low 100's and has made the game fun. Not only is she fun to look at but I can't wait to get back and work on another phase of my game with her at our next lesson. She doesn't give me too much to think about on each lesson and she's improved every aspect of my game. She's a joy to be around and a phenomenal instructor. I'll reach out at times to share my joy about a round or something we've practiced. She genuinely shares in my enthusiasm. Rounds in 2014/2015 approx. 3-4. Rounds since my first lesson with her 2015/2016 60+. All because of her. Cheers!


To paraphrase Clive Owen from sin city, "Tiffany, you're a saint, you're Mother Theresa, you're Elvis." Actually compressing a golf ball again." Thanks!


For the moment I am calling today the epiphany from Tiffany (I already submitted the trademark application.) I ended up with a round of 86 (43/43) which I haven't seen in well over 10 years - a 20 stroke improvement from my last round. The fundamental adjustments worked for the short game too. Golf is the one escape I have that truly gets my mind off everything else, it's therapeutic for me. I'm way laid back but shooting 100+ regularly was starting to mess with the ego, now I'm thinking about the senior tour again.


Thanks, Tiffany - Scores aside (cause there will always be good and bad rounds), it is about hitting the ball solidly and athletically again - I though those days were long behind me. I am immensely grateful for your help. It is transformational and I truly mean that. I'm beaming. There's a special light that shines on you and your gift, coach. I've taken lessons from Carlsbad to St. Andrews and the best was at 1757 all along. Now, that's just dog-gone funny and ironic!


Tiffany, Thanks for the lesson. The good shots I hit are simply the best shots I've ever hit; but more importantly, the mishits are much more playable. The game is so much more fun now, and I thank you for that. See you in a couple of weeks.


You're a great communicator. You listen, observe, relate, and respond to your students individually, based on their ability, potential, and goals. You understand that people learn in different ways, and can quickly determine the best language/terminology/method for your students.

I know that you don't talk to me the same way you do to a 25-year old guy. That's why I love about you - you listen to me, and you talk to me! Thanks for another great lesson.


Overall, your instruction is very easy for me to follow and my game has improved since we started. My irons are much more consistent and as long as my shot off the tee is reasonable, I expect to hit the green in regulation.


You are an amazing instructor with a broad and effective teaching toolkit. As you know, I'm a sponge at your lessons and have written lots of notes about your many Tiffany'isms that I often share with my fellow golfers.


My favorite thing about our lessons is the way you always strive to get to the "root" of the problem. For example, if I am coming over the top on my swing instead of saying don't come over the top, you tell me that I am coming over the top as a natural reaction to something that is happening a few steps earlier in the swing. I really do appreciate the way you solve these problems, many of which have been addressed without success by other instructors.


That was awesome! Great lesson. Feeling so motivated to practice!!


Last week's lesson was awesome. I have been working on starting down by pulling my left arm. It feels amazing when I do it properly. Now I actually understand what is meant by the phrase "hitting against a firm left side." It is a totally different (good) feeling. Now I need to groove it. THANK YOU!!!