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Flow with Force & Fly!

When I got the idea for Fighting Golf, I knew I needed a tagline. The tagline needed to showcase my unique view, and my passion for guiding people toward positive change to help them tap their potential. So I sat down and started to think how I could sum up the heart of a warrior, the fluidity of a dancer, the ease of a butterfly, the persistence of a winner, the elegance of a model – and I came up with over 150 different taglines. Some were really stupid, some weren’t bad. And I kept looking at it for a couple of weeks but nothing seemed to be that perfect fit.

Then I started to share some of the taglines with friends. My friends are honest, so some of their feedback was not kind, and the taglines that got busted on were quickly dismissed. So I abandoned thinking about it from a marketing standpoint started to think about the words I say repeatedly when I teach: flow, focus, fluidity, path, force, form, fly speed, energy, plane, transfer. Suddenly, the tagline just jumped out: Flow with Force & Fly. It’s what you must do for a good swing — and the more I looked at the phrase, the more it applied to life.

As you read my book, blog posts, and videos you will see how I relate everything to FLOW – FORCE – and FLY. (I really need to throw form and focus in there too, but that would have been too much of a tongue twister.)

Golf and life are intertwined, so I hope you are reading to adopt the mentality of Flow with Force and Fly for success!

Good luck!